Interview with Lost Stories

November 1, 2011
Ayesha Barretto: When did Lost Stories first come into being?
Prayag Mehta: Rishab and I got together to form Lost Stories in mid 2008. But we only released our first track "False Promises" on 26th January, 2009 after being signed to DJ Tiësto's label Black Hole Recordings.

AB: Was the decision to make music together a spontaneous thing?
PM: Well, I used to produce music individually before Rishab and I met through a social networking site. We got to talking and discovered that we had a lot in common - a strong passion for music and the desire to do something more with it. Rishab was into more hard stuff while I was into mellow sounds but the combination of the two seemed like something that would work and it did!

AB: So how did you guys come up with a name like Lost Stories?
Rishab Joshi: To be honest, it was a totally random name. Nothing out of the ordinary happened for us to choose it. We were just looking for a dark name that would go with our music and represent it well and this just fit.

AB: So how did you'll get signed to DJ Tiësto's label and what was the feeling like?
RJ: Well, we sent our tracks to people and artists we used to listen to and they put us onto Black Hole Recordings. We never actually expected to be signed with a leading Dutch record label. I can still remember Prayag checking our mail and screaming when he read the news.

AB: Being as young as you two are, would you say it's tough?
PM: We've had our share of bad times but thanks to the music we never realized it or let it get to us. However, people expect even more from us now. We also miss out on a lot of stuff that we would otherwise do with family and friends.

AB: Speaking of family, how did your families react to you becoming DJs?
RJ: When we first started out, our families didn't understand what we were doing. To them, it was just noise! But they've come around now and are much more supportive of the two of us.

AB: They must be because today you guys are playing along side the likes of Chicane and Sister Bliss! Describe the feeling for the rest of us...
PM: We're so wound up that we're close to jumping with exhilaration. We're excited and honoured to play along side such big names and we're really looking forward to it. We just hope that, amidst all this excitement, our live set goes well!

AB: Apart from all of this, what else can your fans expect?
PM: They can look forward to "Ashna", the latest and biggest tune we've come out with. We've used folk vocals and the people that have heard it are loving it already. Also, though we are focusing on gigs and remixes for the moment, we will start work on our album in the year to come. We've taken our time with it because we want to make something great. So keep an eye and an ear out for it!

AB: We definitely will! Any last words before you'll go?
RJ: Come out for our gigs and go out and buy our music.
PM: (Laughs) And on a more serious note, follow your heart - do what you like doing and go after it!

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