Interview with Randolf

November 1, 2011
Ayesha Barretto: When and how did Shaa'ir + Func start?
Randolf: Shaa'ir + Func unofficially came together in 2006 and came into the public eye in 2007. We started innocently and purely to create a genre of music that would fill the void of soul music. We decided that we would have fun with it while putting a good strong thought and face to it. In a nutshell, we just wanted to get back to simplicity.

AB: Tell us about the "we" in Shaa'ir + Func.
R: Shaa'ir + Func basically comprises of Monica and me. Monica is the reason we have the "Shaa'ir" in Shaa'ir + Func. We met in 2005 and started making music in 2006. Thereafter, VH1 made a video of our song and aired it. People instantly caught on to it and before we knew it we were being recognized as the top emerging artist of 2007, the best independent artists of 2008 and more!

AB: Wow! So how do you cope with the celebrity status and all the screaming fans?
R: We're still very flattered by all of it. We know we have talent but it amazes us when we cross borders through our music and the media. It sometimes feels like we're reinventing culture and the musical future! At the same time however, it is a tricky business and thus it is important to stay grounded.

AB: So does Shaa'ir + Func take up all your time or is there something else?
R: Well we each have our own things that we're doing. I'm still a part of Pentagram and this year will make it 15 years since I've been with the band. I also formed Func International in 2003 to explore and expand my production avatar. So there's a lot happening!

AB: How do you do justice to all of it then? Doesn't it get to be too much at times?
R: I see myself as a tree with many branches. So my roots and my heart are still in the same place but I'm doing different things simultaneously. It's a constant learning experience that doesn't tire me in the least. So far, so good!

AB: Talking about roots, does the fact that you're Goan influence your music?
R: As they say, music flows in the blood of every Goan. So that's been there on the inside since forever. Besides, influences come from the outside. My "goan-ness" on the other hand comes from the inside.

AB: So what are you expecting from the Goans at the Bacardi Blast this year?
R: Well, it's the Bacardi Blast so I am expecting a blast! I'm also curious to see what the next generation of Goa is up to. I mean, they come from reggae to trance and now to house music. All in all, I just want to get on stage and give Goa a good time. Viva Goa!

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