Beep! Beep! Horn OK Please... make way for Nucleya's Udyan Sagar

November 1, 2011
NS: Hi Udyan, welcome to Muzic Matters. How is the tour coming along?
Udyan: Oh, It's great. The response has been awesome. My first gig in Bangalore was great and I am totally looking forward to my upcoming gigs in Goa, Hyderabad and Chennai.

NS: We're looking forward to seeing you in Goa. Tell us, from the days of Bandish Projekt to Nucleya, what's the journey been like?
Udyan: As most people know I left Bandish Projekt one and a half year back. Since then I've had 13 international releases. I have done mixes for Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy for a movie called ShortKut and have also created a mix for a very popular track "Uff Teri Ada" from the movie Karthik Calling Karthik. I've also worked on a mix for the Vishal Bhardwaj movie, Ishqiya. So you see life has been good and thankfully there's only forward to go. The journey has been extremely pleasant.

NS: What made you take up the genre of Dubstep considering it's not very popular in India.
Udyan: I like to work on a lot of different styles. Yes, there is Dubstep in my album and even though it is not very popular right now, it is something that I like because it falls somewhere between House and Drum & Bass. Dubsep plays on a 140 BPM and on a half tempo. I love to merge genres, tracks that are extremely rich melody wise, sound amazing when mixed.

NS: If not a musician what would you have been doing today? :)
Udyan: When I was small I told my dad I wanted to be a pilot. Of course he said I have to finish my studies. Later he said I have to do MCA and then pursue pilot training but then music happened. And yes, my dad is convinced that the pilot dreams are now over (smiles). My dad and mum are both great musicians so I have always been inclined towards it. But I cannot imagine myself not being a musician. If I wasn't then I would probably be flying a plane right now. (Laughs)

NS: Tell us a bit about the album. What's the story behind the title ‘Horn Ok Please'?
Udyan: I started work on ‘Horn Ok Please‘ a year back. The whole idea behind it was to re-introduce Bollywood music. Earlier I used to always play tracks that had been remixed by others. Eventually I started experimenting and started making my own tracks live, on stage. The response was over whelming. I approached record label Sa Re Ga Ma, and told them I wanted to make an album with Bollywood remixes. They heard me, liked my music and that was it. The album is releasing soon.

NS: Which one is your favourite track from the album and why?
Udyan: Okay, now that's a difficult one. All the tracks are beautiful. But if I was forced to choose, I'd say "Disco Dancer" and "Chandan Sa Badan". The latter is a dubstep track. Both of these are my favourites.

NS: What are your thoughts on new talent in India, especially Sound Avtar and Shivang as both have been featured on your album.
Udyan: Electronic music is becoming big and is creating quiet a splash. Sound Avtar aka Piyush Bhatnagar is a promising artist and has produced "Raat Baki" with me. Shivang is another young extremely artist from Ahmedabad. We have produced the song "Boom" together. Now youngsters write their own songs and compose some amazing music, which is great! There is also a vast amount of involvement from foreign music companies who invite our Indian DJs and artists on tours and music festivals which had given the much needed impetus to the industry. All in all the future of music in India looks bright.

NS: What's in store for 2010. Festivals, tours, releases?
Udyan: The Indian release of my album will be happening over the next few days while the UK release is scheduled for the end of June. Additionally I have 3 more releases lined up where I'm collaborating with DJ Nasha and Medival Punditz. I'm also making music for a 3D animation film while will be released in the next few weeks. The next few months will see my touring around UK and Europe. So yes... this year looks pretty busy, but I am not complaining!

NS: Was super catching up with you Udyan. All the best for the album and we'll see you behind the console :)
Udyan: Thank you! Thank you very much. Have a nice one listening to ‘Horn Ok Please' and yes I'll see you guys on the dance floor :)

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