Blue Frog ADE Special: India Meets West

October 11, 2012

BLUE FROG in association with Gate Null, Soundvision & Audiophile, brings you the second installation of the INDIA MEETS WEST ADE Party. 

Last year Blue Frog hosted India's first ADE Party, and...

THIS YEAR they are back with another amazing lineup.

Oct 21st @ Club Home, Amsterdam: 
22:00 till 5:00 (Two Rooms): 
Euro 10

ANDREA FRISNA (Gate Null Recordings: Italy)
ANGY KORE (Gate Null Recordings: Italy)
ANKYTRIXX (Ozoloco, Soundvision, Audiophile: India)
DA FRESH (Gate Null Recordings, Freshin, Armada Music: France)
JANUX (Blue Frog, Third Eye Records: India)
KIKO (Material Series, Signature by Kiko, Gate Null Guest: France)
NICK FONTANA (Ozoloco, Italy)
NIELS MOL (Ozoloco, Netherlands)

Link to the event on the ADE Website:
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